MGM Film Club

In 2013 I started a digital production company called Translate. We were asked by MGM to develop a digital strategy for them. We came back to them with an idea for an online film club.

They were never going to compete with Lovefilm Instant or Netflix on quantity, who sell themselves largely on a stack them high sell them cheap model. But what MGM do have is a smaller collection of mostly high quality content.

We told them they should make a virtue of this. Our idea was to create a highly curated film club, less than 10 titles a month around a single theme, with a content partner like Empire providing a feature article or history of the theme. One month could have been westerns, another: Scandinavian directors.

In order to get content partners onboard and sell in the idea internally, we went past spec’ing and built them a prototype. This included streaming video and mocked up, integrated 'second-screening' functionality.